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FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 13/08/19 11:57 PM

Hi, i'm new on the forum.

I'm creating a little (very little) adventure for Divinity Original Sin 2 DefEd with Divinity Engine 2 DefEd.
Everything is good for me, Stats, Story, Effects, RootTemplates,Icon,Triggers,Script but...i can't find how create the way to launch my level (my map) after the CharacterCreationLevel.
I always start in the hold of the boat + the Intro Cinematic.

My StartPoint is Global, and in my story there are (Init section):


// level name, start point trigger, name of movie to play (if any)

EPISODE1 is the name of my map.
I also have in my Dependices (Project Settings) :


My project target is Story and my project type is Adventure
I really think it's a Story problem, well i hope i'm gonna find some help here ^^

Thx for reading me, i'm waiting for an answer :-) :-) :-)
Posted By: Windemere

Re: FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 16/08/19 11:26 AM


Did you remember to edit the FortJoy_CharacterCreation goal to comment out the original story code that set the tutorial level as the starting point? If not, you will need to "copy that goal to your mod", comment out the lines in the INIT section that conflict with your desired start location, and rebuild story.

[Linked Image]

Also, do you really need a dependency on Origins? If you removed the Origins dependency you would not have this issue, but then you will have to do some additional coding to get character creation to work.

Re: FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 16/08/19 06:43 PM

Hi Windmere,

Thanks very much for answer !
I'm gonna try right now =)

Re: FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 16/08/19 08:01 PM

Thts' Work ! I'm so happy laugh
Yeah i tried without the Origins in dependency but i lost some NPCs. If it's the only thing i lose when i delete Origins in my dependency well maybe i can try to work without, i'm afraid to lose some Triggers,Stats or Story lines if i delete Origins.
So if i work without Origins i will just have to manage some coding to get character Creation ?

Anyway thanks for the answer, now i see it was a detail '-_- but now i'm so happy laugh Thanks very much Windmere =)

Re: FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 16/08/19 08:34 PM

If someone has the same thread, just do what Windmere said, copy and Edit.

The FortJoy_CharacterCreation gonna stay in DOS2ModWrapper, after that you just have to edit:

"TUT_Tutorial_A" by the name of your level in DB_GLO_FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation
"FJ_FortJoy_Main" by the name of your level in DB_CharacterCreationTransitionInfo
"TUT_Tutorial_A" by the name of your level in DB_CharacterCreationTransitionInfo

If you Don't want the cinematics d'ont delete the Strings, just let them empty : ""
Posted By: Windemere

Re: FirstLevelAfterCharacterCreation - 17/08/19 12:31 PM

Glad that was it. smile

As far as what you lose by removing the Origins dependency, it is mostly all the Origins specific story code, some quest specific stats and items, those kind of things. If keeping it all meets your needs then that's perfectly fine, it's just a bit of extra baggage to carry around if you don't need it, especially if you are frequently rebuilding story because it takes a lot longer with all of the extra code. Happy modding, check out the discord modding channels too for help.
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