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Help with quest rewards

Posted By: DreBuchanan

Help with quest rewards - 15/02/20 12:17 AM

I am having trouble with successfully implementing my quest rewards. I have tried to make an adventure from scratch just to learn the basics of it and am not planning on publishing it. I can't seem to get the quest rewards to be given to the player character. I have the table set in the journal editor and I have


in the INIT section and I took the format from the journal entries of the Larian script. I have tried setting different flags via dialog and the story editor. I've only been doing this for a couple of months and am still pretty novice. Does anyone have any help they could offer?
Posted By: Windemere

Re: Help with quest rewards - 26/02/20 03:38 PM

Hi, I'm not sure if you are still needing help on this, but did you add row in the stats editor under Treasure Table for "QuestUpdate_MainQuest_EndQuest". This is what controls what the reward itself will be.
Posted By: DreBuchanan

Re: Help with quest rewards - 28/02/20 08:19 PM

Thanks for the reply. I do. I did not edit anything in the stats editor. I used a treasure from the Shared Treasure Table, ST_WeaponNormal. I set reward treasure level to 2 and gain to 4 just to see if the XP gain will work. Do I need to add a treasure table under my level name in the stats editor even though I set one from the Shared? I am able to get the quest state to get called and close the quest, the only issue is getting the rewards to activate. Sorry if I am not articulating the issue very well, again I've only been doing this for a short while. Thanks again.
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