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Goblin Gulch

Posted By: Redunzgofasta

Goblin Gulch - 22/09/18 04:59 PM

A Goblin Fort with a tunnel / dungeon leading to the interior cave.
The tunnel can be accessed through a hatch at the ruin.
The main method of entering the cave is by walking into the mouth of the skull, but there are 3 more entrances higher on the rock. The rock itself can be climbed from multiple directions, all the way to the top.

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Posted By: Windemere

Re: Goblin Gulch - 22/09/18 07:15 PM

Looks gorgeous!
Posted By: The Composer

Re: Goblin Gulch - 23/09/18 11:33 AM

Cool stuff, well done Red smile
Posted By: Redunzgofasta

Re: Goblin Gulch - 24/09/18 10:38 AM

Thanks guys!
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