A promising MMORPG in development with:
- character progress like in Dungeon Seige, if you use a sword you'll get better sword skills
- schools & rings; different schools (types of skills) have 3 rings, (sets in a school) chars can wear rings of different schools. points can be exchanged between these rings.
- Permanent death & bloodlines, each character has a bloodline, and can die by age or specific circumstances (like killed by a boss) otherwise you can respawn. You can continue your bloodline by getting a child, adopting, parenting ... if you die, you start over with that child wich inherited your dead chars possesions, and talents (faster leveling of those skills)
- Master - apprentice : you can learn skills faster by grouping up with a Master in that skill.
- The usual but slightly different PvP, Clans, Guilds, Villages, Cities etc...
- User created quests about monsters, NPC, and PC's !

And much more:
Info: http://www.realmsofkrel.com/intro.html
New site: http://www.ageofmourning.com/

one big problem tho, the developers seem to be some dodgy personalities, scamming poeple out of their money, inadequate servers in betatesting wich had to be payed for... well to say the least terrible PR

Maybe it will in the end turn out all good, but I doubt so. Finnaly a MMORPG that interests me more than most other MMORPGs that seems to be going no-where good :s :s :s

It's one of these days...