While everyone else does important things for the progression of the engine, I'm just enjoying my time with terrain and atmospheres. My plan is to make a mountain that has transitions into different elements, with each leg of the mountain having different enemies, effects, hazards, skill utilization, etc. I haven't laid out skills, story, or anything important, since this was a "let's sculpt/pain!" kinda thing xD. But...yeah...if I ever finish the terrain, I'll move on to more objects, scripting (once I learn it), triggers, characters, etc. etc.

Also if anyone is interested in helping or has ideas for anything, I'm open to it. Terrain editing and painting is a lengthy process to make it look good (mine is still meh, but you can't really tell from the distance I gave you :P) so it'll take a long time.

Mountain of Elements Sample (Don't maximize it, just leave as is)

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