Actually I think a melee weapon has a huge advantage in that it does far more damage than a missile weapon, all things being done to enhance the performance of both or either....not that an arrow isnt deadly-dangerous but...would you rather get hit with a pointy twig moving fast or 8 pounds of razor sharp steel propelled by massive muscles on a well trained and experienced brute?

SO I kind of want to poll the forum what is the most damage ( and be accurate here) you have ever seen a melee weapon do? and a Missile weapon? or a spell? Please list extenuating factors, the enemy, the weapon, some pertinent info on the skills, buffs and magic enhancement of the item.

I think Melee weapons should cause the most damage, then missile weapons, and finally spells.

I will elaborate on why I think that ratio is correct but I am curious, is my experience and tactics and methods what everybody is using etc? am I neglecting something?