I have in my Mod:

CHARACTER_Guard - has assigned the GLO_SneakSpotter.charScript(SideBar)


MessagePanel shows me:
esv::Character::RegisterForTrigger BoxTrigger_00 - no active level. (Probably registering character for trigger in osiris node which is not linked to the init node)

I think Reason was:
I was messing around with folders. I deleted files/folders:
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Mods\Main\Levels
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Mods\MyMod\Levels
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Mods\Main\Localization
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Mods\MyMod\Localization
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Editor\Mods\Main\Levels
Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Editor\Mods\MyMod\Levels
Don't do this smile - now i know

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