Am aware that to most of you this will seem minor; and it is. Sadly not to me, as i honestly cannot play DOS without SFX, the default game is too damn bright and glossy, hurts my eyes frankly smile

Up and until GOG version 2.5.012, the eocapp executable in /shipping folder was SFX friendly. As per title, after (needlessly too, am not Czech, had no need for this patch) installing the latest from GOG, the game no longer launches with SweetFX.
Things i've tried:
1) Re-running the reshader executable. This makes the games crash at launch now, whereas before it simply made the game SFX compatible :S [restoring the default .exe obviously fixes that]
2) Redownloading and re-setting SFX from scratch in the existing D:OS EE installation. Same issue, game crashes.
3) Uninstalling the game, cleaning all registry/leftovers and re-installing it from scratch, then re-downloading and re-installing SFX. Same issue, game crashes.

That's it. My uneducated guess would be that just like once before so and now, someone locked the executable out of SFX compatibility. You'd done this before, and in later patches you unlocked it once more. Any acknowledgement would be appreciated smile

edit: before the average "helpful" forum poster rushes to tell me so, yes, am currently keeping a 2.5.012 version and all's good. I would wish to note this however, because the next patch i WILL need with SFX compatibility

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