I waned to make all the stats feel like they could be useful regardless of what kind of character you're building, similar to how they were in the early access. This mod would be meant to be used in tandem with KTGrowth by Kelvin on steam, and to bring magic damage closer in line with physical damage, and allow for more creative and fun builds.

My goal is to make every point spent feel like it has genuine meaning, and to immediately notice a difference in your character's performance no matter what you build. If you want a wizard that's real nimble and hard to hit as he tosses out lightning bolts like Palpatine in Starwars you can do it.

Strength: + 5% to all physical based damage, + 1% to total physical armor, + 20 to weight limit, + 1% block chance
Finesse: + 5% to all finesse based damage, +2% to dodge chance, + 1% to total movement speed.
Intellect: + 5% to all magical based damage, + 1% to total magical armor, +2% to all elemental resistances
Memory: + 2 memory slots
Constitution: + 10% to maximum vitality, +1% to total physical armor, + 1 % to total magical armor, +1% to all elemental resistances
Wits: + 5% to crit chance, +1 initiative, + 5% crit damage, + 1% chance to dodge.

Gain 2 ability points per level up from 1.

All weapon abilities remain the same

Leadership boosted to 12 meters up from 5.

Aerothurge: +5% all electrical damage, + 2% to all magical damage.
Geomancer: +5% to earth damage, +5% poison damage, +5% to physical armor regeneration, +1% to block chance, +1 to all magic based damage.
Huntsman: increases height based damage, +2% chance to dodge
Hydrosophist: +5% to water based damage, +5% magic armor regeneration, +2% magic based damage
Necromancer: +10% of damage done to vitality returned as health, +5% to all magic damage.
Polymorph: + 1 attribute point, +1% to all resistances.
Pyrokinetic: +5% to all fire damage, +2% to all magic based damage, +2% to fire resistance.
Scoundrel: +2% chance to dodge, +5% critical multiplier, +0.3% movement speed
Summoning: same as is.
Warfare: 5% to all physical damage, +20 to weight limit, +1% block chance.

I'm very new to modding and I haven't seen any good tutorials to help me get started on a project like this. If anyone could help me figure how to go about doing this, or if anyone has an interest in doing it themselves I'd really appreciate it.

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