Rather late in the day as I've now finished playing, I decided to reshade DKS. I normally avoid Reshade like the plague as it mostly just seems to cause a gigantic FPS hit to make some questionable alterations to the way the game is presented, but this time I wish I'd done so earlier as it fixes some of those annoying jaggies that have been a not-very-aesthetic feature of DKS-era Gamebryo.

[Linked Image]

Of course I should've left it at that but I included the other four or five things as suggested on the old Steam guide to reshading ED, which I find can cause the usual problems, i.e. they can make the game look awesome but it's very hard to make it look awesome in all circumstances. It's hard to say how much of a negative effect it has as it also means I'm viewing the graphics much more critically than before.

The two "this is awesome when it's not sucking" components are MXAO (ambient occlusion) and FakeHDR, which give the graphics much more presence but even on very low settings they can still tend to be too much, so I dunno.

The FPS hit sees it drop from 60 (I use vsync, and my monitor goes no further than that) to a lower but stable 45. If anything it seems to look smoother so I dunno if Reshade has a sort of adaptive FPS thing going on, but it's less bad than I'd expected. May have been inspired to play it again if the Steam version (which just got downloaded) has any achievements but it doesn't, sadly.

J'aime le fromage.