This Feedback goes from the begining till i leave the fort joy, lvl 4-5.

My english is not very good so tell me if u dont understand something. The last update of the version i didint make any feedback cose i didnt feel it necessary, now i really notice the changes.

Armory and Skills:

This is the most important change i think u made in this patch, i really enjoy it because you really feel that you are with NOTHING and you have to search ways to get some money equip and skills.

Skillbooks are really expensive, personally i enjoy it cose i cant have all the spells i want and that make me use more potion, bomb and arrows, things that i never used before cose they werent "necessary" (i could beat the fight without them)

Also, i always use Thiefery and bartending, and i got a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE from them (specially thief) and NOW i can get what i could ve get before without using thiefery, and heres the plot: I think you should balance a little bit the expensive cost of the skillbooks and maybe gear BUT you need to stay thiefry as it is now, that you can only steal 1 or 2 things (2 with luck ) before i remember having soo much equip i almost didint know what to do with them. Now i manage to get 6 thiefery on this lvl (4-5) and 6 bartending and i cant have everything i want, gold is reaaaaly valuable.

i LOVED that a X vendor dont offer you a chest with +2+3+1 stats and ressit. that was insane and made the game too easy, equip now i think is perfect. i will see if from now on ( swamp ) it remain the same or not

Now loot a "boss" or a hard mob is something i personally enjoy, before i could get better things in vendors.


I noticed a really good improve in the fights and i just LOVED IT, now nothing is previsible, you always have to stay alert on everything cose you never know when a fighter can jump near your archers r mages and knock them down like a potato, this also wanted me to improve their phyisc and magic armor.

Archers do their roll sniping from really far and away from danger, but i also notice a wakness, if you " hide " your party (inside a house or in ine of sight) they all try to go near you to attack you, wasting their AP and staying together ina point, making them extremely vulnerable (maybe here you can make them approach but not to the same spot)

Fights on low lvl i felt it really balanced, exept the one in the prision, i was really out of gear and i got stun, fear, burn, knockdown, poisoned, frozen, and died lot of times, but it was just lack of gear. maybe you can touch a little this fight making them not having lot of ccs.

After that one, all fights seems really balance, all of them require you to think, before you just enter spam spells and kill everything (This of course, was also cose we had lot of gear and skills, now the lacking of both + new IA changed everything)

Finally, some extra things i notice it helped a lot and some suggestions:

*No delay on weapon out of combat to destroy chest i loved it, in DOS:1 i used this but with a bug, now you can make it normally.

*Inventory improve is soo good, tnks on that! now i want to make a suggestion here, if you can make a "select all and pass to other char" i dont know how to say it, cose i have to pass items 1 by 1.

*Surface!!! when finishing fights, surface are really a pain in the ass D: make them as it was before, that isntantly go away.

*I dont know if someone have the same issue, but only 3 times happend to me that when i wanted to use telep, the game stuck.Chars still move while still but i couldnt even get the menu or other skill, donno what was that.

Tnks for the changes! now it feel more balance, of course always talking just TO THIS POINT (pre-swamp), i ll edit the post when i finish the game.


Feedback - Preswamp:

Well, things here turn much more easier, i think its cose now i have tons of spells, IA still good but now they almost cant use any granade or spec arrow.

The final fight is intresting, i enjoy it a lot it was a challenge and the worm kinda help me a lot, that thing priorise the nearest enemy so if you put your party away and telep foes near it, they r like instakill. i think you should change this specially his dmg, i didint test his melle atk on my chars, but i think he would ve oneshot them.

I donno if u r planing much more strong enemys in chap 2, cose again we have insane equip i start finding those +3+2+1 + resist gear to buy in simple NPC (garreth and the misterius guy near the brige) and could get all of them with the gold i find, bartending and thiefing. I think stats like i donno.. +2 sneak or +1 hydrophist (still really good) its ok but i find a +3intelligence and other +3str +2 finesse, i think atributes should be really cut in gear, maybe +1str but 3 is too much, one you start finding this gear you start "reserving" attributes point and lvl up is no such an important thing cose you have all you want in gear.

Thats all, enjoy a lot the update, waiting for new changes and beta =x!!!

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