so i bought dos ee a while back i finished the game with no major problems. now a friend of mine has bought the game and we are playing it together. all fine for a while untill we reached the second stage we helped the purple guy and about 5 minutes into that quest. my friend times out after my screen freezes... so i am like lets try again, same story. i loaded another save before we meet the purple guy (cuz i did google the problem before hand.) same story. even when i load a that has never even been to the second stage. when i enter it about 3-5 minutes in usualy in combat when something is hit it doesnt show it removing any hitpoints, then the game just stops for a second but is still responding before it freeze/crash. has anyone had the same problem and/or know a fix for it? or maybe a better place to ask for help. i am using no mods and the latest update on steam. i also already validated my game files, updated drivers, you know the usual.

save in question.