Saved this topic on a different section, and I figure it's not the correct one.

I played a lot yesterday and was saving the game every so often. I've got a large number of save games, so I was over writing to save space on the hard drive.

In fact I was 'rolling' several times in Lovis's tower to see if I could beat the guy in the bottom of the tower and re-roll for better loot.

At about 7:00 pm I saved the game again and exited back to windows desktop. I returned to playing about 30 minutes later and found that the freshly saved game file? Now was a match for the auto save file done several hours prior. No warning or other issues. I've been saving/overwriting enough so that if I got face planted? I could catch up fairly quick. So when I resumed the game and found I was shoved back about 3-4 hours in game play? I was perplexed. I attempted to load both the 'auto save' and the manual save game files, and they are both a match.

Now my expected question: Why did this happen? And how to prevent it. I'm at the max save, so I am over writing the past files. Considering I did have to reload from my manual save files several times, I know the saved files should have been valid. Just when I exited all the way to windows desktop? The last save game file looks like it's date stamped correctly, but the data is as mentioned, hours old.