Greetings i just finished testing my selfmade mainstory and would like to share it with the world, to motivate myself to create more content:) its my first story and has only 1 mainquest and like 2 sidequests. I plan to add more in the future.. it was also the first time i used the engine. please give it a try! thanks for playing this awesome game!

You can download it from the steamworkshop:

Story Campain for 1-4 Players, 3 hours content. no puzzles just questing and fight.. use higher difficulty for more players i recomend lowest difficulty for solo players. Please follow the L journal it should guide you. Do not use any other MODS or ADDONS otherwise it will MAYBE bug.. ressurect at the start of the map after dying..GAME WILL END AFTER RESTORING THE PORTAL there is nomore to do.. I will update it in the future, polish the story and add some more sidequests. Please report bugs back to me. Special thank to Heinz, Shrike, the modding discord and my lovely Ayinka for testing!