There is a way to explain games inconsistencies and story problems, especially in regards to Divinity 2. Solution was on the very surface and presented by Larian in the 2004 year, the same year which is international year of rice, when "Beyond Divinity" came out. In the game story, in the act IV, Larian introduced magical time travel in one side quest, which made it cannon in Divinity Universe.
So it's officially possible for some character in Divinity 3 or 4 or Above Divinity/Outside Divinity (my titles for BD2) travel back in time and change it, for example to change the Lucian he was DD in an asshole he is in D:OS2, or to erase Zandalor out existence.

With time travel everything is better. Like time travel story-plot made "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" absolutely best book in the series of Joanne Rowling.