Controls / Keybindings / Keyboard Shortcuts...

Both in Divinity Original Sin and Divinity Original Sin II I had a problem. I spent hours trying to get used to the default keyboard controls, but could NOT do it. So I spent hours changing, experimenting and thinking about the keybindings. I arrived at a point where I am comfortable with my keybindings. It doesn't feel perfect yet, but now I can play the game without thinking about it. My keybindings now feel comfortable and intuitive (or at least more than before).

The default controls were really a breaking point for me, I just could not play the game like that, it was torture. This is very personal of course, I bet some people out there are totally fine with the default controls and would hate my own version of "good". I have no problem with that.

So I'm going to post here the sweet point that I arrived in my personalization of the controls. I only stopped making changes to the controls when I was more than 100 hours into the game.

Enjoy. . . ? 🤷‍♂️ I guess...

- - -

My Customised Keybindings

Toggle Camera Rotation- Right Mouse Button
This is the most important change that I did. It's just more comfortable than Middle Mouse Button for me, I never use the Middle Mouse Button for this function. This function needs to be comfortable to the hand, because I usually activate it while pressing other buttons, like WASD, Left Alt, Space, Left Mouse Button, Left Control and others. This function is the hardest one for me, I experimented it in many different keys.
I removed the function Cancel Action from the Right Mouse Button, because it enters in conflict with Toggle Camera Rotation. But Right Mouse Button still activates the Context Menu function, like the default.
My mouse only have the 2 standard buttons plus the wheel. For someone that has a bunch of options in their mouse, it would probably be better to put another mouse button for Toggle Camera Rotation and leave the Right Mouse Button in it's default functions.

Cancel Action- from Right Mouse Button to Left Alt and Escape
Cancel Action feels very good on Right Mouse Button. But I have to take it out of Right Mouse Button because of the conflict with Toggle Camera Rotation.
This is a very important function and I never found a perfect place for it. I leave it here because Left Alt is very close to the left hand thumb, a comfortable place.

UI Cancel- Left Alt and Escape.
It makes a duo with Cancel Action. The 2 Cancel functions on the same key, Left Alt.

Show World Tooltips- from Left Alt to Space
Space is no longer UI End Turn. Might sound like a big change but I don't really mind it. Left Alt is a good place for Show World Tooltips, but I needed to put Cancel Action there, so Show World Tooltips goes to Space (pun intended).

UI End Turn- from Space to Enter. Sometimes I click on the blue button to end turn, sometimes I press Enter.

Show Sneak Cones- the standard Left Shift, but also Space. Because Space is more comfortable than Left Shift while pressing WASD.

Camera Center- NumPad Enter, because it's close to the right hand, and it's a big key on my keyboard.

Toggle Tactical Camera- from O to Tab, because it's something that I like to use frequently, so I want it closer to the left hand (or closer to WASD)

Toggle Combat Mode- from Tab to T. This function is not important.

Important keys/functions that were not altered:

Context Menu- Right Mouse Button, no change

UI Take All- Space, no change

Destruction Toggle- Left Control, no change

Toggle Sneak- C, no change

Queue Command- Right Shift, no change. Might be put on Left Shift too, but there's a bit of conflict with Show Sneak Cones.

UI Hotbar Next and Prev- R and F, no change

Toggle Actions Bar on Hotbar- X, no change

Changes to Menus:

Toggle Journal- from L to J. Yes, because Journal starts with J, not L, Larian Studios. (maybe it was called Lore before? idk)

Toggle Equipment- Q. Because it's something that I use all the time, so I want it closer to the left hand.

Toggle Inventory- E. Because it's something that I use all the time, so I want it closer to the left hand.

Toggle Waypoint Menu- P. Because Portals.