Be careful when you want to give hints to people who need help with quests.
Or for those who want to ask something, take care of not giving away too much.
It often happens that the game is ruined for some people, because they click on a thread to discover that it contains a spoiler.

How to prevent this?
1/ Mention in capitals “SPOILER” in your title thread
2/ If you think it’s necessary to mention a spoiler to get a hint, please use the following code to hide the spoiler, unless you highlight the invisible text:

Spoiler : your text comes here

and this is how you do it (but without the spaces)
[ spoiler ]your text comes here[ /spoiler ]

On another note: Try to post in the appropriate forums:

Technical problems: technical problems you have with

Help/Tips/Tricks: Gameplay tips and tricks for

General: General things related to , like discussing features, comments on screenshots, your expectations and impressions…