After having to cope with a server hack, which wiped out all of RPGDot and The Locus Inn (luckily we decided once to invest $100 a month to make daily backups) and a move to a new server owned by Jolt, I can finally upload the Official Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide.
The guide is made by Kiya, Barnabus, Raze and myself and can be downloaded in three sizes: 49MB, 33MB or 18MB. They are big in all cases, thanks to the great artwork by Marian <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
They are all the same guide, but have different quality settings.

Download it from The Locus Inn. <broken link, see edit below>

The downloaded file is version 1.1. Raze and I are working on adding some extra information, which will lead to version 1.2 in a couple of weeks.


EDIT: since the Locus Inn site appears to be down, here are download mirror links for version 1.3 of the guide: High quality 61MB. Medium quality 44MB or Low quality 30MB (still a decent quality if download size is an issue; you'd have to compare it to one of the other versions to consider it low quality).

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