A couple people have had problems with rings. I didn't run into any problems switching in and out of the game, but some people had sound or performance issues if they tried.


Each item in an equipment class looked the same on the character because the graphics are 2D. There is a set of drawings for each type of animation and various angles, which take time to create and consume a lot of disk space. Beyond Divinity dropped to 2 CDs largely due to having 3D characters, which also allowed more and a greater variety of equipment types (though some people still prefer the handed-drawn look of 2D).


I burnt most of the DD soundtrack and some of the composer's other work to a couple audio CDs.
Divine Divinity music

the whole resurrection, desert and exact-diablo-cloning (very boring final map) without any real npc interaction/story seemed like a rushed afterthought to lengthen the game.

The publisher rushed the release of the game, so the wastelands were cut back from what was planned. In Beyond Divinity, Larian did the end of the game first, so that could not happen again.
Exploring everywhere and doing all the side quests will take up to 100 hours, so there was no need to artificially lengthen the game.

the combat in the game is not strong enough to stand on its own

I agree. Of course, I generally find games where combat stands on its own to be boring.

like lockpick&pickpocket which you HAVE to get in order to join the thieves gild - bad idea

I can see where you could criticize having a couple quests only solvable by joining the thieves' guild, but it doesn't make sense allowing people in the guild without basic thief skills. You can find or buy equipment with a Pickpocket bonus (don't know about Lockpick), though it might take awhile.

The game does start to get too easy towards the end, but you can simply choose a handicap to keep things challenging. I started saving up charms until I had good equipment to put them in, but then decided not to use any more (I used one earlier).

the fact that the 3rd elven item was an non-id-ed staff was plain mean.

I think Larian expected people either to have invested in the Identify skill or to search the room thoroughly.

another point was that i was desperate for the "sword in the stone" since it seems to be the best weapon of the game(?) and tried for 30 mins to stuff another blade into the stone.

Stats are random with this sword (and the holy item), so it could be very good, or not. If you want to keep the sword, you can use the duplication trick to copy it (see here), or just wait until you have completed all the quests in the Dark Forest before removing it.

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