i give this one a "D" which means "enough to do the job, but lacking some things". i think by rebalancing the combat and doing further questfixing it could have gotten a "C" within 1-2 good patches.

thank you for reading...

I think D is a bit harsh. I just picked this game up a week ago. Now I realize its been patched since you rated it. As the game is now I think its quite good. As my charactor is only lev 21 I am too early along to rate it, but If the rest is onlf half as good as so far, it would still be a great game.

Its difficult comparing games out of box to games like Diablo that have been patched 9 times. All game have some glitches out of box.

As far as game balance. A player can control that themselves to some degree. Like if the Orcs are too difficult early on you can search out some of the thugs wich are much easier to a low level charactor and will level you so your stronger before taking on the orcs. I was level 18 when I cleared the orcs. Also there is no harm even for a melee peep to use metorstike or freeze until they get there armor and stats higher.

If the later quests are too easy, do them when your a lower charactor next time. Or don't max out the best skills.

I like this type of game and based on what I have seen so far would rate DD an A-

The issues I have with it are minor. Like am forever accidentally clicking on a guard in town which activates the same dialog. Would also like to know how to get friendly with the cats again. Maybe if I morph into a cat when I am in town.

I think the combat could stand alone. Try a diiferent build. Necros are fun. If its too easy late, try playing with no resistances.