Thanks for the tip on just moving the cursor around instead of clicking. Eliminates the unwanted gaurd conversations. I think I got hostile to the cats by mistake when I was in a garden in Vertitis that was full of mosquitoes and bees. As I was killing them I think I hit a cat by mistake.

I restarted the game because I missed a few quests by killing off areas before getting the quest. So I'll just have to be careful around the cats.

It could very well be the the end game is a dissapointment but I already got my moneys worth out of the game playing only to level 28.

Restarting a new charactor and the game is playing out differently. The 1st time most of my drops sucked and I was struggling for gold just to buy mana. The 2nd time I have gotten good drops early and am not strapped for gold. Luckily the Dragon rider killed in the early animation scene dropped a gold charm for posion resist.

I'd be interested in knowing what quest give skills and which skills do they give. I'd hate to find out that I get a quest that gives a skill that I already have maxed.