Easiest way to install Beyond Devinity on Vista:
(in otherwords the easy way to bypass all the extra obstacles that Vista has)

1. Copy the content of both Cd's into a folder on your hard drive (this is not mandatory - but it makes the installation much faster and avoids crashes due to crc-check failures. Even though my Cd's are both perfect, i had CRC-check errors on all my installtion attempts until i copied it (with NO errors interestingly enough) to the hard drive).

2. Right click on the "BeyondDivinity.exe" file and select Run as administrator. (also not mandatory, but it bypasses ALL security obstacles)

3. WAIT (yea this one is mandatory Vista inspects the code of the whole 700MB file before it allows it to run - so on some computers it will take a while.

4. Allow any security questions that come up. (this will depend on what you did in point 1 and 2)

5. Before you click on Finish, take the tick out of "create desktop icon". (not compulsory, but this option caused an error on 2 out of my 3 installation attempts - not fatal but annoying).

6. say no to the prompt to install DirectX. (Vista does NOT like older versions on DirectX - dont even try it)

7. IGNORE the prompt to restart your computer. (Until point number 12)

8. Download the patch 1.49 (if you havnt already)

9. Right click on "BeyondDivinityEnglishPatch1.49.exe" and select Run as Administrator (again to bypass security obstacles)

10. when the patch is done installing, DO NOT RESTART the computer yet.

11. Delete the folder "C:\program files\Larian Studios\Beyond divinity\starforce driver installation\"

12. restart your computer (finally).

13. Go monster bashing

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