A few more things I'd like to see improved in the next game:

- better voice-acting

Sure, the voices in DD sounded nice, generally but they were mainly incapable of expressing emotions. Save for a handful, when they tried to evoke emotions, they sounded either flat or over-acted.

- better control over summoned creatures

I'd love to be able to click on a summoned creature and order it to attack a particular monster. In DD, sometimes the summoned creatures would just stand there or wander off and you'd need to make them notice the monsters in order to start attacking.

- less repetitive music

Oh, I loved the music in DD but I wish it would be less repetitive. Ah well, then again, if there're budget constraints, that's fine with me.

Oh and... let's see.

- Quest items: please filter out quest items when trading with merchants or if not, just make them more distinguishable. Also, if the quest items can be consumed, the character shouldn't be able to eat/drink them!

- Improved inventory system: The current system is okay but gets a bit messy sometimes. I actually prefer an inventory system where everything is tiled according to a grid system. It takes up more space but that way, you can find everything with ease.

- Improved trading system: The current system in DD was kinda flawed 'cos the merchants often didn't have anything that was superior to the items dropped by monsters or found in chests/areas. As a result, 'cos you keep selling items to them, they ended up running out of cash really fast, no matter how many repairs or identifications they did. Either, let them possess special skills which are needed to upgrade weapons/items or have them sell items which are sometimes better than the drops.

- less enemies, more strategy: In DD, I wasn't very convinced the orcs were going to war. How about lesser enemies but with a lot of strategy? That is: the enemies will do anything, including throwing themselves at you(in hopes of killing you along with them), to prevent you from going any further. But if they suffer devastating losses, they might attempt to retreat.

- more teleports. Now, I might sound really demanding but in DD, when my pyramids were taken away, it was really painful trying to run around some of the maps, especially the Dark Forest(and even more so when you're encumbered). Either have more teleports or please don't take away the pyramids. :/

- more intuitive puzzles. The puzzles were pretty all right but how about adding more responses, next time? For example: when you push or pull a lever, there'll be some sort of response from the other levers(sound, a certain lever gets depressed, etc.) and a response from the main character.

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