- Ability to remove charms for a price
I've always found it more of a punishment that you couldn't remove charms. Yeah, the charms are a reward yet if you made a mistake or 2, you get punished too heavily since they can't be removed and you don't always have the latest save game. Why not allow people to remove the charms but for a price(not too heavy, just like maybe 30k to 50k)?

That is: perhaps, it'd take the skill of a master forgemaster to remove them and it'd cost some money too. That way, players can make a choice: do I stick with the charms I have or do I remove them?

- Ability to reset skillpoints and ability points for a price

How about allowing players to reset their skillpoints and ability points for a price? After all, a lot of players use editors these days since it's common to test around with a few statistic combinations, before you arrive at a set that you're content with. Given that DD2 intends to improve on the "freedom" aspect in DD, why not allow the player to choose?

And please, let it be a shop or NPC that the player is able to access regularly. Otherwise, it's like dangling a prized truffle in front of the player and going "Nya nya! You can see it but you can't have it!" (Typical Black Ring member behaviour. )

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