In BD you can unlearn most skills to get the points back, at a cost based on your character level.

I think it should be much harder (if possible at all) to redistribute stat points. Perhaps after playing for awhile you could get that option as a quest reward, after which there would be limits on how many points you could move around and/or a high cost or limited availability for this.

Uh oh... unlearn most and not all skills? *scurries off to fix her mess in BD before it worsens*

Agreed that there should be some penalty. Yet, it should be an option 'cos c'mon, it gets quite easy to mess up your stats since the stats and abilities in various rpgs have different effects.

Also, another suggestion:

I wish the good guys looked more cool in comparison to the baddies. It does so much for your morale when your comrades look the best. Furthermore, when your party looks like their armor was stolen from the scrapyard, it's a little pathetic. After all, if you're going to triumph over the evildoers, then why can't you outdo them in terms of appearance, either? Although, having an umbrella which showers the sky with roses is a bit much.

And another one:

In DD and BD, you got to combine potions. Why not allow characters to create their own meals, too? The more delicious the meal is, the more hp/mp you get to recover. Imagine being able to make your own vegetarian meals or even roasted pork! After all, if your character is a vegan/vegetarian, then he/she would want to avoid all meat. Or even this: imagine baking some cakes or pastries! Mmmm...

And yet another one:

Disguise. In BD, I remember disguising my main char as a Citadel officer. If you had a male and female characters, you could disguise them as a couple or if one character was an adult and the other a child, then they could be a bunch of wandering companions. Finally, I couldn't understand why the DK in BD couldn't change his appearance or why my main character couldn't crop his hair or develop a limp.

Finally, yet another one:

Some feedback from the characters when they're hit? In DD, when your character was whacked, he'd go "uhh". In BD, no feedback! Not even if they're out of breath or mana or even close to dying.

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