Oh and another one:

In DD and BD(up to the point I'm playing so far), it's assumed that the demons are always the bad guys. Why can't there also be a small but secretive handful of demons who aren't too interested in fighting? Their motives could range from "sick and tired of fighting for over a few thousand years", to "they've got human lovers", to "not very convinced that resurrecting Lord of Chaos will be the best for the demon populations(Fear that their culture could regress?)", etc.

Finally, it'd be nice to see some aspects of demon culture and society. What do they do in their spare time? What do baby demons play with? Finally: is lust for blood and chaos ingrained in them or is it taught to them? And what was demon society and culture like, before the Lord of Chaos waged war against the other gods? Was it rather refined and even technologically advanced? Did it start to regress once they started to wage war against humans and the other races?