Why can't there also be a small but secretive handful of demons who aren't too interested in fighting? Their motives could range from "sick and tired of fighting for over a few thousand years", to "they've got human lovers", to "not very convinced that resurrecting Lord of Chaos will be the best for the demon populations(Fear that their culture could regress?)", etc.

I, personally, find this idea quite good, because it breaks with the usual clichés people use to have with demons.

Thank you.

Well, I remember reading a bit of a book from this series by Ann Bishop(very bloody and twisted). It's about the ruling hierarchy of Hell and how there're those with pure and impure motives among the demons and various races in Heaven and Hell. This means that even angels can be really cruel and delight in torture while there're demons who're actually kind of heart and extremely loyal.

Besides, I just dislike having to declare an entire race of beings "evil creatures". It's always crossed my mind that perhaps some races are being war-mongering bastards 'cos the good guys keep provoking and pursuing them, refusing to forgive them for a few mistakes. So, the bad guys accidentally destroyed something important: why not let them help you rebuild it, instead of declaring war?

After all, everyone has a limit for tolerance and if you keep attacking and destroying their culture, their friends and families, etc., then don't cry when you face the repercussions.

Btw, all this talk reminds me of parts of human history: sometimes, the "good" guys are the savages and manipulators.

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