- Improved trading system: The current system in DD was kinda flawed 'cos the merchants often didn't have anything that was superior to the items dropped by monsters or found in chests/areas. As a result, 'cos you keep selling items to them, they ended up running out of cash really fast, no matter how many repairs or identifications they did. Either, let them possess special skills which are needed to upgrade weapons/items or have them sell items which are sometimes better than the drops.

- more teleports. Now, I might sound really demanding but in DD, when my pyramids were taken away, it was really painful trying to run around some of the maps, especially the Dark Forest(and even more so when you're encumbered). Either have more teleports or please don't take away the pyramids. :/

Definately agree on the trading system. I don't even bother checking for a weapon from a merchant. The only thing I look for are leggings because they are no unique leggings in game so a merchant may have one with charm slots. Also the prices are weighted to high for items that have skills. There are useless armor that costs 16,000 because it has a skill like identify and repair.

I only go to Geoff because he is the only one that has enough money to buy my items. Always having to have Geoff unlock his store gets tedious. I would like to see all the merchants you have located show up in a trading window so you don't have to teleport to 4 locations looking for a charm of spell book. It could be made that a merchant would not appear in the trade window until you have physically enetered his store. Thereafter instead of teleporting to go to his store, you just view his items in a pop up window.

Regarding summoned creatures not being controlled. The Aura of command spell will allow you to control up to 5 creatures you summon. 1 Creature for each point in the spell. The spell will make them follow you close instead of have to recast them because there 3 Screens away.

Taking away the teleporter stones is just sadistic.