I couldn't find any other place to approtiately place this topic.. I Found nothing much on LED

I don't even know if any users of this game even exist anymore, I know for a fact that LED is not abandonware I believe, I've seen it in other places for download as a demo or the full version paying a small tiny fee.

I tried googleing for some help and found nothing..

No manuals no nothing and I have the actal CD For The LEd Wars.
It just comes with no manual.

NOw I don't know what i did but I need some one that is familiar with the game play as you see.

I Run Windows XP and i was able to play it fine

The mouse scrolls the screen for you.. and I don't have any controls on what does what i just know the F1 To F8 Keys can lock special snap spots of the map as you play the game.

I have no idea what i did though I pressed like all the keys once to find out what does what becuase i forgot how to use them and the keylayout, and boom.. Now when I put the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen.. IT NO LONGER scrolls down o_o;;

I've done everything to even pushing each button once to get it back to how it was.. and now for some reason it just will not let me scroll down anymore.

Has anyone ever had this problem before when the game came out? can anyone please help me?
I am trying to get it to stop.. I've tried un-installing and reduing it all over again with the install and it still won't let me do it.. I even checked the registry data in my REG files.. and I only found one file that just has a blank on it.. I deleted that key and still nothing.. idk. what it is..

If you know any old skool gamers that has this game and can remember anything of it.. please let me know.. or if there is a way to edit the data for me to fix it.. My god I really could use some help..

Thanks <3

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