Hi, all - thank you for the support - and you have my permission, Xan/Raze/anyone wanting to preserve. Raze, I can't even access lycos admin anymore, I forgot all my passwords. After Xmas I have holidays, so can try to get into the dark materia again *blush*.

Lycos will close within the first quartal 2009 - so far, I have no other info. Trouble is - my new PC has nothing... literally nothing installed on it = no graphic program, file uploading etc. So, I need to delve into my old books and dive into all my boxes, cupboards etc in search of my lost knowledge; including passwords.

Should lycos succeed in finding a partner to take all the hosting members = I am not even sure how that will work. Do I need to download and then upload - do I need to change all links within the site etc. Atm I even doubt anyone is willing to take us refugees up, as Lycos made over 17 mio debts within 9 months this year.

Will keep you updated \:\)