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I would imagine that GOG don't even know about the 4GB+ RAM compatibility issue, since the game runs with that amount of memory, albeit slowly. However, you would think such a glaring bug with the game would be fixed when the original has had various issues addressed such as widescreen support. I mean, is supposed to be a newer game than , yet they don't seem willing to fix something that's been talked about for a while now. More and more people are upgrading to 64-bit operating systems and taking advantage of greater amounts of RAM.

The workaround isn't that painless, and it was very lucky that someone discovered it.

Edit: And... yeah... a fix for the just-as-obvious inventory bug in Vista \ Windows 7 wouldn't go amiss.

Well speaking as someone who purchased the game from GOG and fell afoul of both these bugs, it would have been nice to a) Known about them before I ran into them, and b) had them fixed in a patch before releasing it to GOG. Having said that, the workarounds are easy, once you are aware of them, and the game is great.