Quests, Areas, Enemies, and Leveling Questions
1.If areas and enemies are still hard-corded in DKS - is there any way for the player to know exactly what areas and what quests are actually within the player's Level?

2. If "yes" to #1 - Is it written in the Journal? On the Map? Where?

3. If "yes" to #1 - Is there a warning of some kind on-screen to the player when they are almost entering an area way ABOVE or BELOW their level?

4. If "no" to #1 - Are all the areas and quests all scaled to the player now?

Camera Questions
1. What's the changes w/ the camera, exactly?

2. Is the camera still unlocked always?

3. If "yes" to #2 - is there a key to reset the camera exactly behind the player in 3rd person?

4. If "No" to #2 - is camera now locked in 3rd person always behind the player?

5. Is there a toggle switch for the player to switch b/t locking and unlocking the camera?

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