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hier mal die Antwort von Lar_q vom 17.11.2010, zu finden im Bereich "Technische Probleme":

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Hello everybody,

We are currently in the final stages of testing a patch for the German version of Flames Of Vengeance which will bring it to the level of the other versions (including the hotfix available in other languages), and which should solve quite a lot of the issues reported here. It's taking a bit longer because between the German and the English versions, some major changes were done in the data format of the game, and so we first needed to convert everything.

We expect that it will be ready if not this week, then early next week. When this patch will be released all versions we have out there will be at the same level and from then on we'll be able to provide updates more rapidly.

We also expect the "Ego Draconis+Flames Of Vengeance to Dragon Knight Saga" patch to be ready within the next two weeks, if not next week.

My apologies for the delay.

Also: Mit ein bisschen Glück diese Woche, ansonsten wohl nächste Woche.

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