I tried to not sign in an just add another forum to my watch list for months but today I failed frown

Because of Dragon Commander and some annoying little infos shattered here and there.
1) Swen sent a tweet about IGN's listing for E3 2012: https://twitter.com/LarAtLarian/status/207859444225294337

Dragon Commander (360, PS3, PC)

Wait... what ?

2) The same Swen ( don't know another anyway ) posted this comment on his blog a week ago :

See, that's funny. I actually found out about the NeoGAF thread because a console publisher contacted me over it, putting a link in his mail and telling me that he wanted to know about this new RPG we're making. I thought that was a rather interesting example of how the world is changing. I never realized NeoGAF has that much influence, so thx for that!

Should ever a deal materialize from the meeting now set up as a result of him querying me as a result of you posting, I owe you a dinner at the very least.

3) The news on GameBanshee and JV.com, in addition of the new website, shows significant progress on Dragon Commander. The new Engine is just ... wow.

Since I'm hoping for a 360 version of DC , this really would make my day if we had an official announcement for that... or a heartbreaking denial.