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There were no item or save editors made for BD, and the DD ones are not compatible. There are some manual ways to cheat, though.

Actiontrip.com's Beyond Divinity Cheats - starting a new game with stronger characters

armory trick in act 1

Hex editing - gold, experience, stat/skill points (not re-checked in the most recent version)

Teleporting anywhere (via hex editor)

Thanks for that, finshed Div Divinity and got BD from Steam. It looks like your hex editor instructions don't work in the new version, or I can't find matching strings when looking for skills for the two main characters. I can find the right "base #", above "deathknight #", but there isn't a string 6 rows above the 'b' with anything separated by 4 "00". There's 7 strings of numbers followed by 5 strings of "00".

Also scrolling down from the first "deathknight #" I cannot find another "deathknight #", they either have red or black or some other word before or after. The last one looks like "deathknight act4 #".