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- Will the world be open and bigger than DD one?

It's pretty big, but it's very hard to compare directly. Measuring the size of the world is not just a questions of measuring the relative size, you also need to take into account how much you can do in that world and what parts are accessible, what not. I actually don't know how large the div world was.

As far as length goes, a couple years ago the tentative plan at the time was to create a 20 hour RPG, with the possibility of adding 10 hour chunks (FWIW, D2:ED started off as a 25 hour RPG); see the old topic Next title Larian works on?. Official DLC hasn't been mentioned since, so it wouldn't be surprising if the current design is a single, longer game (not counting the user made DLC with the included editor).

I don't recall seeing more recent comments on the game size or length (other than a blog post saying the E3 presentations for Dragon Commander and Original Sin were refined to "..show 40 hrs of gameplay in 15 minutes..").

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Thanks for the info, I still hope to get a more direct source of answer on how large the game is. I hope that 40 hours of gameplay you were quoting is of each game separately and not both games combined. Also, if that is true, then it leads me to believe that, that 40 hours of gameplay isn't of the entire game and we can hope to see an even longer amount of game length! =)

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Yeah as of more recent years people have become obsessed with games that have to last seemingly forever. Better make a good 10 hour long game than a shitty 100 hour long game imo.

That may be true, but I could easily counter that with saying. It's even better to make a good game that lasts 100 hours than a good game that lasts 10 hours. wink
Look at Divine Divinity, and more recently, Skyrim as prime examples. =)

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