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I feel that Skyrim was perfect with the amount of content to space ratio. I like having some room to get immersed into without constantly having to be in action. Skyrim gave you that little breathing room between points of interest, but just enough that it didn't feel like a wasted space. You would literally move for a few minutes from one point on interest to another, it was really good and allowed you to slow down and take in some of that great view. This is how I would like the content in the world to be like.

Divinity 2: Eco Draconis was a masterpiece of a game, providing amazing freedom of movement and constant fun. However, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the world of Skyrim more so than Divinity 2. Divinity 2 felt kind of restrictive in size, while Skyrim really made me feel like I was in a world, albeit, a small one.

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