think I have been trying for a while now to find a way to rid of the magic barrier in Stormfist Castle so i can store my Resurrected NPC'S as i refer to them as companion recruiting reward trophies. of course i can teleport the actual npcs there but i cant use them as companions by Aura of Command. I have them temporarily stored in Ars Magica sewer tunnels inside that prison type area with the executioner.

This can be seen in this File .once you unzip it and put it in your (YOUR DRIVE) C:\Program Files\Games\Divine Divinity\Run\savegames file. If you load the save i will be in the npc storage room, just use the teleport stone to go to the sewers and see the trophies i speak of.

John resurrection is dead after gong cinema to teleport to the wastelands and i have been trying to fix this as well starting the game all over again.The only reason i want to transfer my trophies to stormfist castle is so they have a little more room in a fancy environment. I first tried looking through divinity files by hexworkshop for the dialogue i can't do that here.

but have not found anything. I believe if you find this dialogue you can find the reason for the magic barrier in stormfist castle.

Please Raze or anyone still paying attention to this form, HELP ME!!! thankyou

Herberto Luis Sanchez, III