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First: the game takes place in the same setting as the prior Divinity games, correct? I assume it's not a direct sequel to anything, but is it placed after the most recent game (Dragon Knight Saga, I think)?

The game takes place before Divine Divinity (first Divinity game) so it is a prequel.

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Second: any word on side-questing? I'm wondering, will we see actual, decent sidequests (e.g. w/ narrative, player choice, dialog interaction, etc.) ala the old, classic CRPGs, or will they just be insufferably simple collection quests?

There will be a lot of cool, intrigueing and deep side-quests as always in divinity games.

Third: Do henchmen have any personality? Special dialog/banter? I know the game is built so multiple players can "speak" in online play, but what about single-player?

This is a stretch goal at 800k $ on kickstarter

timeraider answerd couple minutes before i made this post, but I will keep it anyway smile

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