Known issues:

1) Issue: The game does not start up:

Solution A: Start up the game in windowed mode.

download this file:

And place it in ..\Documents\Larian Studios\Dragon Commander\
If these folders do not exist, create them manually.

You can now start the game and set it to the windowed resolution of your choice.

Solution B: delete all files in ..\Documents\Larian Studios\Dragon Commander\
This will reset all config and graphics options to default.

Solution C: : disable windows firewall or 3rd party firewall
Symptoms reported when the firewall turned out to be the problem were the game freezing when trying to load or just getting a black screen with the game cursor, but not showing the logo and getting to the main menu.

Solution D:
reinstall the game on a different drive (preferably not an external drive) or follow the steps here to clear your steam appcache.


2) When going to combat, the game crashes

Solution A: Set your graphics settings to medium or lower. Texture quality should be medium or lower.

Solution B: if you are playing on a laptop with both intel HD onboard graphics and a mobile graphics card, set your preferred graphics processor to the NVIDIA or AMD card instead of onboard intel.

If the issue persists, send a mail to


3) Crashes in RTS with C++ error messages mentioning Graphine or list.h asserts

solution: download these two .dll files and extract them into the install folder ..\Divinity Dragon Commander\Shipping

Mirror download link


4) Issue symptoms:
- one third of the screen is white
- you have graphics artifacts/sorting issues
- you have font problems (words missing or letters missing)
- you have very low framerate in the interface or in combat

solution: do not force Anti-Aliasing in your driver settings for our application. Set it to default 3D settings or set it to "application controlled". Do not override AA settings via drivers.


5) The game crashes after the first loading screen when starting up the game.

Solution: There is probably a corrupted savegame being loaded in. Go to ..\Documents\Larian Studios\Dragon Commander\Savegames and move all saves to another location (perhaps a subfolder in the savegames folder). If that fixes the problem, you can move groups of files back and try starting the game to narrow down which is/are corrupt (most likely an autosave).


6) game crashes when starting campaign or multiplayer (and skill icons are missing)

Solution: change your installation path to not include characters like ".". Change your installation folder to a normal name without special characters.
(should be fixed in the latest version)


7) heavy mouse input lag on machines with lowend GPU or onboard solutions

Solution: Edit the file below in a text editor, search for 'RenderDeferred' and 2 lines below, change the one to a zero and save.
..\Documents\Larian Studios\Dragon Commander\graphicSettings.lsx

<attribute id="MapKey" value="RenderDeferred" type="22" />
<attribute id="Type" value="0" type="5" />
<attribute id="Value" value="1" type="4" />


8) where are the imperial edition files ?

You can find them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Divinity Dragon Commander\Imperial edition


*** Contacting support:

If you encounter difficulties installing or running Divinity: Dragon Commander, do not hesitate to contact our technical support department by email or via the official forum.

Before contacting support, we suggest that you first check our technical support forums:

Should this not help you, please download and run the following support tool (, which
will create a diagnostic report.
Please send the generated by the tool to together with the following information:

* Name of the game
* language
* platform (steam,,
* Type of problem (In order to help you most effectively please describe the problem as clearly as possible)
* When does this problem occur?

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