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Bloodletting + Leech allows you to survive and instantly recover from any hits that don't instantly kill you.

If you seriously don't think that's OP you haven't tried it.

Agree. I get the point of interesting tactics and discovery but that or healing from taking an arrow, it's just weird. If that is what they are after great, but to me my guess is they want experiment in a somewhat logical/non-game breaking way. We could then say "so many other things suck" because they are drab in what they do and the creativity you can use with them.

Yup, I agree.

I get the feeling that most arguing for not balancing skills/spells are primarily interested in being OP and just burning through content.

This game has interesting tactics mostly involving status effects, ground effect placement, and some positioning. I love these and how the combat feels like a tabletop system. There are unbalanced components to this game, like any other game. Of course it's up to the devs if they want to do a balancing pass or not.

Blood letting on leech - Instant Full Heal - 6 AP
Only requires 1 point in witchcraft and 7 int for 90% application chance. Currently in our play through this heals 600+ hps, this will continue to go up as it is a full heal.

Strong Regenerate - 110 hps for 2 turns - 4 AP
These stats are for 13 int and 3 hydrosophist which is a 15% boost to the skill.

I like the idea of the leech trait, it just need some adjustment to better balance with other heal skill costs and performance.

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