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didn't tested for now if enemy skills could be used, but I suppose these are the ones with the big (E) at the end of the name.

I've currently omitted some of the skills from the dropdown that don't have a localized name as the list was getting waaay too long, so if you want to see *all* skills check SkillData.txt in the game Stats\Generated\Data folder.
If you want to add a custom skill, ie. one that is added by a mod, or is not displayed in the list because its unnamed, just click "Add skill" when the "--- Select a skill to add ---" item is selected, and double-click on the newly added skill name in the skill list to rename it.

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What'll be your next objective?

Inventory editing probably.

Also an editor plugin is currently under development that should (hopefully) help with modding and merging the stats .txt files.