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I'll check on the into download link.

There is a fix for the skill window crash in the Russian version of the game here (details in the topic Russian version of game), if it isn't included in the latest update.

There is a captcha for any post from new users, until they've made a post or couple, as well as other restrictions to try to discourage spam.
Unfortunately, it wasn't included, the symbol was in the .txt file.

Thanks for your help! I'll see if the game crashes. As for the intro, I found it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByOBgPBngLUtVlpqVFJtcWtuaE0/view?usp=sharing - the link to it. It would be nice if the Russian version could be updated so it's there by default.

Ah, I see. Makes sense.

EDIT: Although it doesn't crash as often now, it still does crash.

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