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I will bet that the game will get just over the 1.5mil mark. Of course that is if it remains on course now.
If Larian hits the campaign trail like last time in the 2nd half, I can see $2mil. Especially if they sit down and do some live streams Q and A Twitch sessions.
29 days to go and only needing $400k for the last stretch goal.
If they get more then 2.5mil I'll be really surprised. Though I do like being surprised with good news smile

Seems like it after the stretch goals were announce and seeing already a 23% increase of backers compared to the first one when still 27 days to go and taking taking to dip under the 10k daily raises..

What will be interesting will be seeing the final days and see how much last minute backers will raise this is the most thing difficult thing to predict.