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I definitely DON'T want Avellone near Original Sin or Larian... Not that I do not like the guy ( I'm not very impressed though ), but I'd rather see Larian keep his uniqueness. smile

Chris Avellone is an outstanding writer and currently the BEST in the video game industry. I'm saying this with utmost confidence. There is not a single other person who can write as masterfully as he. I may sound like a fanboy, but I'm not. I respect him as a true artist which is worlds apart from fanboyism. I don't think Avellone and Larian would work together, but Larian won't lose its uniqueness if they include him. They can only gain. His work with characters and concepts would ground the narrative, making it a character-driven plot (like it should be) and bring a philosophical twist unique to the Divinity universe.

P.S. I am actually waiting for PayPal, because Kickstarter doesn't accept my particular brand of debit card.