Many peope talk about persistent worlds with up to 50 players.
D:OS2 is a game that is designed for up to 4 players.
So I guess DM mode will be 4 players plus 1DM.
Somewhere else Raze said that Larian does not have multiplayer servers. (Not sure if he referred to D:OS EE or D:OS2).

Most importent: D:OS2 has turn based combat (unlike NWN1+2). If there were 50 people in a fight, each one had to wait several minutes until he could act for a few seconds. Battles could last for hours. Only very few people would be able or willing to do this. I think DM mode should focus on 4players + DM.

my idea: There are 4 players plus the DM. The DM can influence the environment in some ways the players can not (like controlling or creating enemies). If one players succeeds in performing a certain task, he becomes the new DM and the old DM becomes a player. There may be several options what this task may be.
Of course the normal case is that somebody is the DM all the time and he controls the environment the give players the best game experience.

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