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It wasn't Obsidian, but their publisher in the case of Kotor2...

PoE was pretty stable and finalized for video game standards once it was finally released.

PoE had several game breaking bugs at release:
- item stacking bug: When you equip items that change your stats and you save and load the game, the stat bonus stacks with itself to infinity
- double clicking bug: when you double clicked on an item to equip it, you could lose talents.
- Sanitarium bug: At some point of the main quest it could happen that all people become hostile, making you unable to finish the quest.

Because of this I had to stop my first playthrough. Obsidian solved those bugs. When I started again (version 1.04) I was able to finish the game without game breaking bugs. But there and in later playthroughs I reported tons of bugs. With every new patch, some bugs are solved but new bugs are added.

When I played D:OS I did not encounter any obvious bugs ( though some things seemed to be strange, but I was not sure if it was intended)

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