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I tend to be in agreement with Stabbey. All in all, while a gamey GM mode might be fun, it wouldn't be a creation catered to the people that most want it. SCL made a gamey GM mode and many people were upset; they wanted the power to create imbalanced things. NSpace misread the market. Larian should avoid the same mistake.

I don't think we know if NSPace misread the market. Over there like here, there aren't that many unique posters, so we can't say how the masses will take to it. I'm intrigued by the offering and personally I don't get bogged down in how necessarily I want it, but is there take on it fun? I know they took quite a bit of heat (from the small pool of posters), but what 99% of all other CRPG's don't even have any of those features. So I'm half full for sure. If I'm going to knock them, then I want to knock the other 99% for doing even less in this space.

That said, perhaps they have done a poor job in executing their take on GM'ing.

+1 To LordCrash's comments. (Forum needs a like button)

Reading all the suggestions has boiled my minimum down to two things:
1. Able to GM the main game.
2. GM can jump into a baddie(s) and use their human intelligence against the PC's, that right there makes it unique and more challenging the to the PC's and allows the GM to have a fun quick role.

Sure I'll take more, but if I had just that, I'd have a very nice alternate play method.

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