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I think your hopes are set too high, Ayvah.

I'd say the point of a thread like this is to dream big. While those ideas might not be implemented, if we don't dream big than the developers may not know what we MOST want. Even if those are impossible creations, they can use that to guide the mode's creation.

I like the procedural generation model Ayvah has put forward. It's still a far reach, surely, but if GM mode is to be accessible AND creative, custom and easy map creation would be a huge plus. I'd rather other resources take priority, surely, but if it was something they had time for... great.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming big. But my concern is that Larian's reach often exceeds its grasp, and the final product inevitably falls short.

That might be a problem with all game development in general. But those other games are developed behind closed doors, whereas Kickstarter puts the lofty ideas of developers up front with stretch goals and makes promises that if they get X dollars, they can definitely put feature X in. And Kickstarter is so new that people haven't developed the necessary jade-coloured goggles to make them temper their expectations.

So no, I will NOT stop suggesting to people that their ideas might be too ambitious, and that they should temper their expectations to something vaguely realistic.