greeting to all.I have few question regardless extractor and editing game files.

1.Downloaded extractor,in this program i chose main.pak to extract.Extracted files,then i copy them to Data folder of Divinity EE.Delete main.pak,laucnh game.All work fine.If i try to edit something like this:In folder data\mods\main\charactercreation\properties.lsx i change this lines:
<attribute id="NumStartingAbilityPoints" value="5" type="4" />
<attribute id="NumStartingAttributePoints" value="5" type="4" />
<attribute id="NumStartingTalentPoints" value="2" type="4" />

The game after lauch say about error,but loading fine and without any changes.

Is anyone can help me to find few things:How edit start ability,talent,stat points of characters and ability of increasing party to at least 4-6 members?